Services for Job Seekers

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of answers to questions we get all the time in hopes to help quickly guide you through the process, and to help you reach the next steps in finding that perfect job for you.

What Types of Jobs Do You Currently Have?

We hire for a variety of employers, including Executive and Administrative Assistance, Legal and General Secretaries, Data Entry Clerks, Cashiers, Restaurant Staff, Hospitality Staff, Security, Laborers (Skilled and Unskilled), Masonry, Construction, Landscaping, Carpenters, Truck Drivers (Delivery), Heavy Equipment Operators, And Much More!

Our needs for employees and workers changes often, so please check back often for newly posted jobs. Whether you’re looking for temporary work, to temp-to-hire, or full-time employment, we can help.

You can find our more about what’s currently available by visiting our job search portal.

How do I apply for an open position?

Visit our Jobs Available Page to view our open positions. Review the requirements to determine whether your skills fit. Thereafter, go to the Job Seeker’s Page where you will find a Pre-Employment Form with easy-to-follow instructions on how to submit your application.

Can I Apply for Multiple Positions?

Yes. When you submit your application you may include additional jobs on your application, and will be accepted for review as long as your skills meet the requirements listed.

What’s Next after I Apply for a Job?

Employment Experts staff will review your application and perform background checks and employment verification, if necessary. We may take up to a week to process your application. Any further communication will be relayed through an email to the address provided during the application. In the meantime, you may review our job listings for any open positions added.

What Should I do If I Don’t Hear from You Concerning My Application?

Our staff often handle a large volume of applications, as such it may take up to a week for us to review your application.

If we haven’t contacted within one week of applying, get in touch with us to check on your application by calling your local office at Hilo 808-933-8660, Kona 808-329-9089, or Honolulu 808-597-8008.

You can also visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form. We will respond to your message shortly.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid each Friday for the hours worked the previous week, as long as your timecard is completed and turned in on time. You may choose to pick up your paycheck at one of our local offices, have your check mailed to your home address, or set up direct deposit.

Can You Help Me With My Resume?

Yes! Just visit us at your local office make an appointment. You can also use a free Google Docs template to create your own.

Do You Offer Medical Insurance?

We offer medical insurance to qualified employees. In order to qualify for basic medical insurance, you must work four (4) consecutive weeks and at least 20 hours per week. Once eligible, we will provide you with the necessary forms to sign up. There will be an automatic deduction each week from your gross wages for medical coverage. This amount will be 1.5% of your gross wages plus an additional amount if requesting more than single coverage. To remain eligible for coverage, you must maintain a minimum of 20 hours per week. Please contact your Employment Experts representative for more information.

Do You Offer Paid Vacation?

You are eligible for one week’s paid vacation as long as you work 1,750 hours in a calendar year (January – December). Once you have qualified see an Employment Experts’ Staff Member to fill out the necessary request forms.